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Creativity Challenge Camp

Everyone is a creative being, yet uncounted individual creativities are wasted and lost in our society. It seems our years in primary, secondary and tertiary schools had only misled many from naïve young innovators of life into skilled adult replicators at jobs. This oversight is a chief cause of mediocrity and disgruntlement. Those affected have become liability or danger, either to themselves or others in the society.

Left to chance (as is in many public school systems worldwide), a child’s untethered innate creativity is highly vulnerable to either being confined or wasted and lost. Since every child is unique, having the right resource is essential to challenge the individual creativity. However, the right resource is absent. Rather in its place are standard resources that certainly have been provoking shortcomings in our public schooling. The shortcomings had allowed for a dependency (on authority figures) or enabled complaining and laziness, that had otherwise inhibited the development of the proper character (personal responsibility). So, are schools the cause of our existing socioeconomic flaws? No, I am simply saying, I was the naïve 11-year-old young innovator who allowed himself to grow into the skilled 38-year-old replicator.

That was me then. This new understanding now gives me the clarity that No Child should grow up hiding his dream! No Child should have someone choice for her, her dream! No Child should have her dream unnoticed and lost! I created a 501(C)(3) corporation, We R NextGeneration, Inc. (WRNG), to support this belief and its cause. We R NextGeneration, Inc. (WRNG) is inspiring a public school child to innovate now, rather than later. We gather the audience to bring the right resource for every 9-12-year-old to utilize her innate creativity and showcase her unnoticed dream as innovations.

The 501(C)(3) corporation WRNG is accomplishing its goal via the Creativity Challenge program, which helps a child to identify her unique abilities as a creative being. This program, an introductory 8-session event, provides the kick-start needed for a child to begin taking immediate actions, and developing steadfast habits that achieve success.

In almost four years since founded, we have brought audience to, and inspired more than 400 children both in Nigeria and USA. Even as inspirers of children, the children have inspired us also. According to a child’s written testimony, “thank you for your good work of being such a good listener to children, helping [us] to understand who we are, to understand me, to understand how to ‘know what you don’t know’, that we are not too small to create. We don’t have to wait to become, but we have to start being.”

Our children are the only true solution for a prosperous society. So let us start investing in inspiring their unnoticed dreams into actual innovations through teaching less and listening more to their innate creativities.

Adebo IfesanyaCreativity Challenge Camp

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